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Why I Stepped In Front Of The Camera

In the end, shooting the video was a lot of fun—but I had to overcome a few personal barriers to step in front of the camera.

In the past few days, the first video for the Patentswatch software went online on all channels—from the website to social networks. Product videos are a must today, not just in the software business, but for anyone who wants to present themselves online. I had previously published videos, but this time a new approach was planned: I did not just want to introduce a software product in the video, but also to step in front of the camera myself.

The Internet is flooded with offers and products of all kinds. It is difficult to draw attention to oneself and the own services. If somebody watches a video, interest is either catched within seconds or not at all. At the same time, software in particular has the problem of being a product that is quite abstract and difficult to grasp for many people.

Numerous studies have shown, however, that there is a way to get the viewer’s immediate, full attention in a video, and also to provide the video with the emotions you want: show a face in the video. Our brain can’t help but respond because we’re born this way. This is known to go as far as recognizing a face where there is none, be it on objects, buildings, or even on Mars. A face in a video not only draws attention, it also immediately creates a more personal atmosphere, and emotions are transported directly to the viewer—not for nothing it is said: “Laughter is contagious”.

Nevertheless, many product videos contain no faces. I can understand the reasons very well: I was never crazy about being in front of the camera. The production of a professional video is quite an effort. And most of all, the audience is mostly interested in the product, not me. But is that really the case?

I thought about this for a while and then made the decision to just try it and appear on the new product video, with the intention of making Patentswatch more personal and accessible as a software product. You can see the result on the Patentswatch website—your opinion and feedback are of course very interesting to me.

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