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Hermann Stainer

IP-Software Developer & Consultant, MBA, CEO of Sympatent Software GmbH

News & Articles

PatForum, the Front Page for Intellectual Property Professionals

PatForum brings all the news of the patent industry to you in a quick-to-grasp and concise manner.

In my efforts to stay up-to-date regarding news, events, and developments in the patent industry, I discovered that there is no central information point where as many of the relevant news as possible come together. Of course, there are the websites of the patent offices, numerous newsletters, magazines, and blogs that report on recent developments or comment on them. But it was challenging for me to keep track without investing a lot of time.

So I created a news hub to fill just this gap: PatForum. Inspired by aggregator-websites such as Reddit, PatForum enables all visitors to have an up-to-date and easy-to-grasp listing of all patent industry news. The details of a news entry can then be reached with just one click.

Screenshot of PatForum.
Screenshot of PatForum.

The idea is that PatForum is set as the default home page in your web browser, or visit it once or twice a day to see everything that’s new. In addition, PatForum is also designed with mobiles devices in mind and e.g. can be added as a button to the home screen of your phone for quick and easy access.

All content is pre-sorted to show you only the most relevant new entries based on your geographic region. For example, a visitor from the US by default sees news related to the USPTO and WIPO, and to organizations associated with those offices, while a visitor from the United Kingdom would see news related to the UKIPO, EPO, EUIPO and WIPO instead. In addition, all entries are categorized into sub-forums such as “Patent Attorneys” or “Inventors”. Another feature is to save news entries: since only the most recent messages are displayed and may disappear, it is possible to add entries to a personal list to save them permanently and quickly find them again later.

PatForum is completely free and all content is publicly available. To publish entries yourself or leave a comment under an entry, a free user account is needed. I hope that you become a regular PatForum visitor as well—if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me!

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Hermann, I’m in the software business for 20 years—welcome to my website! Here I write mostly about both the software industry in general and my personal experiences with my company Sympatent.

My specialty is IP (=intellectual property) software, which is used by patent professionals such as law firms or companies that own patents.

If you have a question about one of my articles, something to share or just want to chat, please contact me!